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Herbal Salves

We handcraft all of our herbal salves in small batches using freshly harvested herbs, extra-virgin olive oil, essential oils and local beeswax. We package our salves in attractive one or two ounce tins.

Please store in a cool, dry place as there are no additives or preservatives beyond the beeswax and essential oil. For external use only. Please do not use any salve on deep wounds.

Healing SalveHealing Salve

Ingredients: Freshly harvested comfrey leaves, calendula blossoms, lavender essential oil, extra-virgin olive oil and beeswax.

The herbs used in this salve have been used historically for healing minor skin abrasions, bruises, inflammation and to prevent scarring.*

This is an excellent all-purpose "gardener's" salve, to soften hands or feet after a long day working in the garden. Use after showering or before bed to soften rough skin. Lavender essential oil is added to this salve for its aromatherapy and herbal therapeutic benefits.

Here in the high desert of New Mexico, I even use this salve on my face as a nighttime dry skin treatment. It doubles as a simple and natural wrinkle cream without any toxic additives and no testing on animals -just humans!

Plantain SalvePlantain Salve

Ingredients: Freshly harvested Plantain leaves, extra-virgin olive oil and beeswax.

Plantain is one of the most frequently used herbs in healing salves. Historically, plantain has been used topically to aid in the healing of inflammation, minor scrapes and bruising.

Available in one or two ounce tins, Plantain Salve is our best-selling salve for use on chafed skin or diaper rash and prophylactically for hemorrhoids.*

No essential oils are added to this salve in order to let the full aroma and healing properties of the plantain shine through.


* Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. They are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. Please consult your health care professional with any health-related concerns, and for diagnosis and treatment.

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